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Publication rights and the Web

I published a short story many years ago that involved a respectable enough literary review, a contract and a sum of money for first-publication rights.

This was before the Web was an issue. Back then, everything was made of wood, you see.

Now, for the second time since the online age began (really the past few years, in my case), I’ve found a subscription archival service that effectively is republishing (selling, among many other works) access to PDFs of my work, though I own the sole rights to this story.

I’m not sure how big a deal to make of this, but it reminds me of issues I’ve had with reproduction of my freelance (and, come to think of it, staff) journalism work, such as republication of an old story in a “sister publication” without explaining the original context.

If any of my writer or photographer pals have had similar experiences or know of anyone who has, I’d be glad to know via email.

I might write about it. I’m at jhdouc@verizon.net.

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