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Hampton Roads APB: Be on the lookout for camera, gear, images that matter

NORFOLK, Va. — Not what I usually do on this thing, but I hope you might be able to help, since most of the people who read this blog are in Hampton Roads.

I have a friend, photographer Stephen Katz, who is a wonderful shooter, a great person, and a proud new dad.

He and his family are also co-victims of a property crime that happened to somebody else. Here’s a note Katz posted to Facebook, gently edited:

Please. If you have a heart, please …

Monday night in Norfolk someone stole my friend Amanda Lucier’s camera and computer equipment from her home. I feel awful for her loss and the sense of violation, but thankfully the gear was insured and will be replaced and this was likely done by someone who knows her and has been a guest in her home.

What can’t be replaced are the photos she took of the birth of my son. With the exception of the six Amanda e-mailed me the next day, all of the photos are on her computer and/or harddrive. Images of my cutting the cord. Of my brother holding his first nephew. Pics of a proud grandma.

Chelsea and I are crushed. Other than the nurse and midwife, Amanda was the only other person we allowed in the room because we wanted to cherish those fleeting moments forever. We were looking forward to sharing them with our friends and family and one day Sawyer himself. And now someone is going to simply erase them and move on without a care.

Please. If you or someone you know did this […] please have a heart and make this right. Put the CF cards or a DVD of the pics or the harddrive in an unmarked envelope and send it to The Pilot – 150 W. Brambleton Ave, Norfolk, VA 23510.


It’s possible that someone who had been in Lucier’s home did this thing, but I can’t say for sure. On the off chance you’re in our area and know anything about who might have done this, I hope you’ll help.

Let me just add one thing here. If you’re not in the position to influence this individual in a 100 percent safe and peaceful way, please just contact the police.

If you shoot, as I do (very humbly), you know what gear costs. Bad enough, and my heart goes out to Lucier, a truly amazing shooter.

But, man – if you have kids, if you love somebody, if you remember that moment when everything changed in the best way ever, you know those images are worth the world and more to the people to whom they belong.

Long shot, I know. But thanks for reading it, at least. I’ll be back talking to some sort of writer about something or other in the near future.

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Photo: Florida Coast & Clouds


Florida Coast & Clouds, 2008. Photo by John-Henry Doucette.


I shot this on a flight back from Florida in 2008. Just snapping away out the window, but I like the image. Kind of pretty and creepy. A friend called it scary, but it isn’t quite that too me. That light reflecting draws my eye away from the clouds. So scary isn’t the right word to me.

This was right after Vox Optima got a Canon Rebel XTi for my usual work camera. It’s a basic camera that has served us well. When I got it, I was shooting everything I could to get a feel for it. It tends to saturate everything, but I like that heavy color feel. I shot outdoors with it today, and it worked great – or as great as I can work it, anyways. A useful camera, but I’ve been thinking about the next one lately.

For indoors stuff, I’ve been thinking about getting something that lets more light in. A lot more light in, really. I like natural light, but sometimes the Rebel isn’t quite there for someone with my technical limitations. Any suggestions are welcome.

We’ve never really done anything with this image, so it wasn’t particularly useful for my job other than as practice for the much more useful image I hope to shoot someday. Not that there’s anything wrong with shooting something pretty. Or a little creepy, even.

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The Newseum

Newseum entrance, Washington D.C., March 15, 2011. Vox Optima photo.

I visited the Newseum yesterday with several folks from Vox Optima, the first time I’ve seen it the museum in it’s relatively new location on the 500 block of Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.

Among the great exhibits was Covering Katrina, on display until September. It’s a very moving series of displays that included front pages from throughout the initial period of the storm, examinations of the reporters covering the tragedy, and, for those overcome by some very powerful images, boxes of tissues at the end of benches.

Said Jim Washington, a former reporter for The Virginian-Pilot and my colleague at Vox:

It was pretty amazing. I was surprised how emotional the Katrina exhibit was, especially since its a news story we’ve been exposed to for so long.

A great museum. Worth checking out if you’re in D.C.

A few images from the trip follow.

A view from one of the upper levels. To the left is a recreation of the office of the late NBC journalist Tim Russert. Vox Optima photo.

Jane Howard of the Newseum discusses the ABC This Week studio in the museum in Washington D.C. on Tuesday.

Detail of a section of the Berlin Wall, on display at the Newseum, Washington D.C., on March 15, 2011. Vox Optima photo.


Well said ... at the Newseum, Washington D.C., on March 15, 2011. Vox Optima photo.

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Photo: Sunset Through Boat Window

Sunset through a rainy boat window, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia, 2009. Saturated image. Photo by John Doucette.

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Andre Cousins, 22, works his shift for the Liberty Tax Service branch near Church Street and E. Brambleton Avenue, this morning. Behind him is the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. Photo by John Doucette.

Around lunchtime today, 22-year-old Andre Cousins waved to passersby near the intersection of E. Brambleton Avenue and Church Street, in the shadow of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial at the center of the intersection.

Cousins, who grew up in the Bowling Park area, was working for the nearby Liberty Tax Service branch. He said he had watched people march to the memorial that morning to celebrate Dr. King’s legacy.

He said:

Everybody came marching down. They joined in a circle, started clapping and waving. Some people started crying through. I went over, did a little dance with them. People came over and took pictures.

When the marchers pressed on, Cousins said he stayed behind to keep working.

I wish I could have gone with them. Black, white, Mexican, all of them were mixed together.

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Photo: Patriotic Bench in Cradock

Patriotic bench outside the firehouse in Cradock, a community in Portsmouth, Va. Photo by John Doucette.

I shot this as part of research for a story, but it’s not the sort of thing that would get published. I just like the bench.

Cradock is a neat neighborhood. The streets were designed to resemble an anchor, which makes a lot of sense for our communities within Hampton Roads, Va. Some history is available here.

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Photo: Dugout in Rhode Island

Ball field dugout, Warwick, R.I., December 2009. Photo by John Doucette.

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Photo: Sky Above Parking Garage

Reflection above the top level of a parking garage in Norfolk, Va., 2009. Photo by John Doucette.

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Photo: Chesapeake Bay Near Virginia Beach

Chesapeake Bay near Virginia Beach, Va., 2009. Photo by John Doucette/Vox Optima LLC.

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