Fortune winners, runners up will remain on display at Kerouac Cafe

Citizens of earth encounter 2011 Fortune Cookie of the Damned fortune writing contest entries on the walls of Kerouac Cafe, Norfolk, Va.

The exhibit of 2011 Forfune Cookie of the Damned fortune writing contest will stay up at Kerouac Cafe in Norfolk, Va., through most of July, not just a week, as I’d initially thought.

I found out during an informal gathering last night at Kerouac, 617 W. 35th St., Norfolk. No formal end date, but they’ll be up a couple more weeks than anticipated.

First place winner Gary Potterfield was not in the area. Third place winner Christopher Scott-Brown was not available. But second place winner Will Harris was on hand to get his prizes.

A brief video of the festivities follows, and you can see winners and runners up at this link to the earlier post on the contest:

Many thanks again to those who offered donations, discounts, and/or other considerations for the prizes: Prince Books, Naro Expanded Video, Kerouac Cafe, Local Heroes, Mike D’Orso, and Earl Swift.

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4 thoughts on “Fortune winners, runners up will remain on display at Kerouac Cafe

  1. dorsonic says:

    Grade-A short film, Mr. Doucette. The patient pacing, understated lighting, piercing interrogation, and magnificent use of synth-electro-pseudo-Spongebob soundtrack combine for a brief but nonetheless moving and slightly disturbing experience — not unlike a compressed rendition of Truffaut’s “400 Blows.” Mr. Mamet himself would concur. Boo…yah.

  2. John, I apologize for not attending the event last evening. As you know, I was at the Point Barrow Borders for the second stop of my fortune signing tour.

    • We missed you, Gary. I only hope you’ll remember where it all started. And maybe toss me an “associate producer” credit on Fortune Cookie: The Movie. We’ll talk franchise rights as your schedule allows.

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