Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Andre Cousins, 22, works his shift for the Liberty Tax Service branch near Church Street and E. Brambleton Avenue, this morning. Behind him is the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. Photo by John Doucette.

Around lunchtime today, 22-year-old Andre Cousins waved to passersby near the intersection of E. Brambleton Avenue and Church Street, in the shadow of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial at the center of the intersection.

Cousins, who grew up in the Bowling Park area, was working for the nearby Liberty Tax Service branch. He said he had watched people march to the memorial that morning to celebrate Dr. King’s legacy.

He said:

Everybody came marching down. They joined in a circle, started clapping and waving. Some people started crying through. I went over, did a little dance with them. People came over and took pictures.

When the marchers pressed on, Cousins said he stayed behind to keep working.

I wish I could have gone with them. Black, white, Mexican, all of them were mixed together.

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