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Writing Craft, Vol. XV: Author and journalist Mike D’Orso on Pumping Granite coming to paperback (Part Two)

May 5, 2013


NORFOLK, Va. – This is the second and final part of a conversation with author and journalist Mike D’Orso, whose book Pumping Granite chronicled a Barre, Vt., quarryman’s sexual awakening. Hey now. Beg your pardon. Misread my notes there. Pumping Granite (And Other Portraits of People at Play) [Texas Tech UP, 1994] is a collection of narrative sport-related journalism […]

Writing Craft, Vol. XV: Author and journalist Mike D’Orso on Pumping Granite coming to paperback (Part One)

May 3, 2013


NORFOLK, Va. – Author and journalist Mike D’Orso was the subject of the first craft talk I wrote for this blog a couple years ago, when we discussed the great story “The Project and the Park.” It captures the housing project near Harbor Park as that sports venue opened, and it is only one of 45 […]

Belligerent Q&A, Vol. XVII: Pop culture journalist Will Harris

March 19, 2012


NORFOLK, Va. – Will Harris is a pop culture journalist, a splendid form of the muckraking arts that often dispenses with the muck by subbing in stuff that people enjoy reading. Harris is a senior editor and TV columnist for Bullz-Eye, and he’s become a regular contributor to one of my favorite online destinations, The AV […]

A resolution to get local in the New Year

January 1, 2012


I resolve to remember that to be a member of a region and a state and a nation starts with being a member of a community. The communities that are represented best by regional bodies and state and national governments are the communities that best represent themselves through strong support for local industry, arts, media, government, etc.

William Ruehlmann, journalist and educator, retires from VWC

May 14, 2011


Stories do not come to the writer. He must go out and meet them, and when he encounters one he must fasten himself to it like a fat man on a free lunch. — Dr. William Ruehlmann, Stalking the Feature Story William Ruehlmann is an educator, a journalist, and the author of two terrific books, Saint […]

Belligerent Q&A, Vol. VI: Columnist Mike Gruss of The Virginian-Pilot

May 6, 2011


As the columnist for The Daily Break – feature – section of The Virginian-Pilot newspaper, Mike Gruss has been followed around by a ringmaster. He has compared a Jeopardy champ to one of America’s famed wearers of the John Henry name. And he has written with wit and heart about the things that make the Hampton Roads, Va., […]

Earl Swift shall rock you Thursday at the TCC lit fest in Norfolk, though in this headline ‘rock’ = ‘read to’

April 12, 2011


Norfolk, Va., author and journalist Earl Swift, formerly of The Virginian-Pilot, will read on Thursday as part of Tidewater Community College’s 10th Annual Literary Festival. The festival’s theme is “How words can help consume delicious natural resources.” Wait, I have that all wrong. TCC’s lit fest theme is really “Words of hope for our fragile planet.” […]

The Newseum

March 16, 2011


I visited the Newseum yesterday with several folks from Vox Optima, the first time I’ve seen it the museum in it’s relatively new location on the 500 block of Pennsylvania Ave. N.W. Among the great exhibits was Covering Katrina, on display until September. It’s a very moving series of displays that included front pages from […]

Writing Craft, Vol. I: Mike D’Orso’s “The Project and the Park”

March 4, 2011


Mike D’Orso and I had a little fun the other day regarding his new book, written with the actor and activist Ted Danson. I also asked via email about the craft of feature journalism writing. His answers are reflected in this post. Among his writings, some of my favorites include sports journalism stories from Pumping Granite. […]

Belligerent Q&A, Vol. I: Mike D’Orso

March 3, 2011


Norfolk, Va., author Mike D’Orso’s new collaboration with the actor and environmental activist Ted Danson will be published March 15. Oceana: Our Planet’s Endangered Oceans and What We Can Do to Save Them is Mike’s 11th “collaborative book,” and he has written five of his own. Previous collaborative subjects include former New York Jets player […]


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