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Writing Craft, Vol. XV: Author and journalist Mike D’Orso on Pumping Granite coming to paperback (Part Two)

May 5, 2013


NORFOLK, Va. – This is the second and final part of a conversation with author and journalist Mike D’Orso, whose book Pumping Granite chronicled a Barre, Vt., quarryman’s sexual awakening. Hey now. Beg your pardon. Misread my notes there. Pumping Granite (And Other Portraits of People at Play) [Texas Tech UP, 1994] is a collection of narrative sport-related journalism […]

Writing Craft, Vol. XV: Author and journalist Mike D’Orso on Pumping Granite coming to paperback (Part One)

May 3, 2013


NORFOLK, Va. – Author and journalist Mike D’Orso was the subject of the first craft talk I wrote for this blog a couple years ago, when we discussed the great story “The Project and the Park.” It captures the housing project near Harbor Park as that sports venue opened, and it is only one of 45 […]

In which the internet collapses in upon itself like a pop culture referent denoting itself

November 20, 2012


PORTSMOUTH, Va. — In the future, when the aliens come because they are future aliens who have their reasons for that sort of thing, they will sift through the rubble of our civilizations only to uncover 1.2 billion dog-eared copies of Fifty Shades of Grey, and they will read them because English is a snap to […]

Media: AltDaily editor seeks public office

March 23, 2012


NORFOLK, Va. – I’m glad to announce today that the online alternative media site AltDaily on March 20 announced what folks who read The Virginian-Pilot on March 9 probably already know: AltDaily edit0r-in-chief Jesse Scaccia is running for Norfolk City Council. Timeliness clearly is not this blog’s superpower. But I had a chance this week to speak with Scaccia […]

John McManus’ “Mr. Gas” is on AltDaily, which is more awesome than John McManus is letting on

December 14, 2011


NORFOLK, Va. — Geez, I step away from my computer for a few days and miss something cool. That’ll learn me. It’s you and me from now on, computer. You see, Norfolk writer John McManus, featured here in a very funny Belligerent Q&A and a Craft Talk earlier in the year, published his fine story “Mr […]

Writing Craft, Vol. IX: Writer and editor Tom Robotham (Part Two)

December 14, 2011


NORFOLK, Va. — This is the second half of a two-part craft talk with writer and editor Tom Robotham, a columnist in Veer and Hampton Roads Magazine. He was the longtime editor of the now-defunct PortFolio Weekly. It comes up, you might say. Part One of the talk ran last week, and it can be found at this link. […]

Writing Craft, Vol. IX: Writer and editor Tom Robotham (Part One)

December 7, 2011


NORFOLK, Va. — This two-part craft talk with writer and editor Tom Robotham covers a lot of ground, including the state of journalism, local alternative media, and the art of writing a coffee table book with Charlton Heston. Robotham, a columnist locally in Veer and Hampton Roads Magazine, may be best known as the longtime editor of […]

Bearing Drift merger with Virginia Line Media means wider conservative platform

September 11, 2011


CHESAPEAKE, Va. – Bearing Drift, a Virginia-based provider of conservative content and opinion, announced its merger with radio content producer Virginia Line Media on Friday. Jim Hoeft of Chesapeake, who founded Bearing Drift seven years ago, is the new president of Virginia Line Media. Norman Leahy, founder of Virginia Line, has been among Bearing Drift’s stable […]

Belligerent Q&A, Vol. XI: Writer and editor Tom Robotham

August 26, 2011


NORFOLK, Va. – That gentleman, the one always over in the corner writing away at The Taphouse Grill on West 21st Street, well it’s his turn for a Belligerent Q&A. Tom Robotham began his journalism career as an education reporter and music writer for The Staten Island Advance in New York City and has freelanced […]

Defining alternative media in Hampton Roads

August 25, 2011


NORFOLK, Va. – HearSay with Cathy Lewis earlier this month had a panel on alternative media in Hampton Roads region, which effectively was a discussion about the monthly print pub Veer Magazine and the online outlet AltDaily. Though it aired Aug. 10, I finally had a chance to hear the whole thing this past week, and […]


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